Launched Vacuum Composite Class with Croatia experts

Today,5th September 2018, at the meeting-hall of James Boat Technology JSC,. ( JBT )  The opening ceremony of Vacuum Composite Class with top experts in ship technology in Croatia.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Goran Resic - Director of Remia Plast Company, together with experts and Mr. Pham Hong Quang - Director of JBT., leaders and all employees of JBT.,
The ceremony was performed by the Croatian National Anthem and the Vietnamese National Anthem at the beginning of the ceremony,  followed by a speech by the two leaders of the both companies. The leaders reminded the students to try to learn well to grasp the technology and especially to be passionate and love the job, you will build quality ships of European standards.
At the end of the ceremony, the students were also determined to study well in order to  not betray the trust of the President and the Board of Directors of JBT., and will stick with the James Boat Technology JSC,. for building quality ships, bring world-class.

Mr. Phạm Hồng Quang – Director of James Boat Technology JSC


Mr. Goran Resic – Director of Remia Plast Company


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