About PPC

Materials produced by the company PPC Roching, CH LB Germany began to be applied in the manufacture of boats from the 1995 in the Czech-Republic, at the same time a number of European countries also applied research material this is the most successful yet Co. OFF SEA in the Czech-Republic. Technology, design and create new materials boats with high technology applications PPC thermal welding has produced hundreds of the boats, these products are operating far better ... the registry of the this product was carried out by the Registry Cs Lloyd. PPC is a step material breakthroughs in materials science with its special advantages Rochling Vietnam:
+ Lighter than water, specific gravity: 0.92 kg / liter
+ The sound insulation, do not absorb heat:
+ Chemical resistance, and not be soaked for a long time soaking in water:
Due to the structure of the polymer is non-polar material should Polystone®P taking particularly high chemical resistance. Water resistant, inorganic acids, alkalis and muoi.Thuong regularly clean and disinfect with conventional chemicals do not harm the material.
+ Environmentally friendly that do not emit toxic substances so secure for users. The production and processing of polypropylene no toxic, unlike the manufacture of other products such as PVC and composite membrane during manufacturing and processing will generate volatile toxins harmful to humans and the environment bare.
+ Nature and tough elastic material - withstand bumps, puncture resistant, bulletproof way 50 m pistols, anti-friction, high durability under the influence of traction and load capacity
+ Do not be sticking aquatic and very easy to clean just by normal cleaning is enough to clean the surface of the material PPC.
+ After years of using PPC is very easy material to be recycled again and still achieve physical properties as the original goods therefore absolutely no economic cost for waste disposal.
PPC has been applied in many different industries because of its utility, such as car manufacturing, toys, furniture, oil and gas sectors, particularly health care ... and that is used PPC materials in the manufacture of boats from the 1995 in the Czech Republic.
...bringing new technologies for the country's development