About James Boat

Technology Joint Stock Company James Boat activities in the field of providing high-tech products and new materials PPC Rochling Germany. Products canoes, boats, yachts, marine signaling buoys and floating works of James Boat Corporation technology is the crystallization of scientists and technical experts in three European countries are Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.
Clean production technology and special plastic material durable PPC environmentally friendly - Certainly James Boat products will change the economic face of the maritime industry, cruises, river and lake transport Vietnam waterway. Especially James Boat Technology products will significantly improve the marine environment and lakes, will save billions in the boats hull maintenance, avoids hundreds of tons of chemical waste into the sea and rivers and lakes every year because these boats are made from other materials such as wood, composite, aluminum ... annual maintenance coatings and chemicals against aquatic scan and fouling.
Strict compliance in the design and manufacture of ships under maritime safety standards of the EU. Make passengers, travelers peace of mind and satisfaction, while traveling on the ship's James Boat Technology.
James Boat Company, Inc. is the production boats, yachts first in Vietnam with new technologies, absolute compliance with EU quality standards. James Boat Technology is the first and only company in the world to date (2017) the successful application of technology for thermo-plastic material specially manufactured durable on the 56 seat passenger ships.
James Boat Technology is a collective of scientists, foreign specialists and technical workers young, dynamic being trained highly qualified professionals.
James Boat Technology offers complete service from production to maintenance and special attention to vocational training for local citizens.
James Boat Technology absolute compliance with product quality and respect for the purposes and policies of environmental protection and the overall landscape.
PPC is application materials since 1995 in the Czech Republic and a number of European countries have been very successful, is to ensure certainty for the development of products in the market Technology James Boat Vietnam.
We would like to communicate with customers in Vietnam:
After 5 years the boats manufactured products from materials in the rivers and lakes and PPC Vietnam's waters due to climate tropical waters, so we are pleased to note that the customer when vessels operating in the region following countries need to know:
1.Vung lakes (freshwater): When returning vessels operating underwater piers to long term, the moss barely clinging to the bottom of boats.
2. Coastal (saltwater): When returning vessels operating underwater piers to no more than 5 days, the galaxy will just stick (not deep) into the bilge, but when put up momentum maintenance vessels, only to obtain a plastic brush cleaning and water-pressure spray to clean the bilge. This does not happen when the vessels operating regular daily or before launching the need antifouling.


...bringing new technologies for the country's development